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Słowa kluczowe: 


Motorcycle Association of Central European Countries

Polski Związek Motorowy (PZM), Slovenska Motocyklova Federacaa (SMF) and the Federation Motorcycling of Ukraine (FMU) undersigned on 6th July 2003 in Amsterdam - during the UEM Congress - the agreement establishing a Specialized Association: the Motorcycle Association of Central European Countries (MACEC).

The UEM General Assembly 2004 in Sofia (Bulgaria) affiliated MACEC - Regional Association.

The MACEC has been set up in order to foster cooperation between national Federations with the objective of developing motorcycle sports and tourism, establishing international contacts, cooperation in the framework of the UEM and FIM while at the same time guaranteeing each member of the Association the right to carry on operations independently.

The following national federations joined the MACEC:

- 2005 Belarusian Federation of Motorcycle Sport and Bicycle Motocross Sport (BMX)*,
- 2006 Federatia Romana de Motociclism (FRM),
- 2008 Federatia de Motociclism a Respublicii Moldova (FMRM ),
- 2010 Lithuanian Motorcycle Sport Federation (LMSF),
- 2018 Autoclub of the Czech Republic (ACCR)

The present MACEC authorities elected at MACEC General Assembly 2015 in Kanas (Lithuania) for the 4 year /2015 – 2019/ cadency are:

Andrzej Grodzki (PZM) - President
Zliechovec Jakub (SMF) - Vice President
Aleksandr Lyatosinskyy (FMU) - Vice President
Nicu Nita (FRM) - Vice President,
MACEC General Secretary is Aleksandra Knyszewska (PZM).
The MACEC Secretariat is domiciled at PZM in Warsaw.

MACEC General Assembly in Kaunas (Lithuania) the tittle of MACEC Honorary Vice President was given to Sergey Lyatosinskyy (FMU) his duties as the MACEC Vice President since the first MACEC General Assembly 2004 in Horny Smokovec (Slovakia) .

MACEC General Assemblies meeting were held: in 2004 in Horny Smokoviec (Slovakia), in 2005 in Lublin (Poland), in 2006 in Lvov (Ukraine), in 2007 in Brasov (Romania) in 2008 in Minsk (Belarus), in 2009 not held, in 2010 in Lesko (Poland), in 2011 in Bratislava (Slovakia), in 2012 not held, in 2013 in Seviliava (Ukraine), in 2014 in Braila (Romania), in 2015 in Kaunas (Lithuania), in 2016 in Brest (Belarus), in 2017 in Chisinau (Moldova), in 2018 in Lublin (Poland)



Since 2004 MACEC Cup has been organised in the following disciplines:

- Speedway – Individual and Team,
- Motocross – Individual and Team,
- Enduro – Individual,
- Trial – Individaal.

Each of MACEC member Federations is the organiser of the MACEC Cup event/s.
In MACEC Speedway Cup participate also riders of the following federations: ACCR, BMF, MAMS.

MACEC Cup events are held according to updated every year:

  • MACEC Cup Calendar

  • MACEC Cup Organisation Terms.

*since 2007 BFMS (Belarusian Federation of Motorcycle Sport)